Denisha – not available Lyrics

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Denisha – not available Lyrics

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Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system
At the tone, please record your message
When you have finished recording you may hang up or press one for more options
Why won't you pick up
I just wanted to call and tell you
Call me back when you can
Tried to call last night
Loving, fussing in a fight
End up on the same trail
Send me straight to voicemail
Need to accept we're through
Need to move on from you
Need to stop coming through
Need to stop loving you
Caller is not available
You are not available
Supposed to be unbreakable
You're irreplaceable
Messing up my energy
I'll give you every piece of me
Blissful in my memories
Now I'm making melodies
Need to carry on
Need to accept you're gone
Need to hold for a response
Need to switch this blonde
The number you have called is disconnected
Velvet skies, endless drives
Liquid eyes, undue goodbyes

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