“Dead And Cold” Lyrics

“Dead And Cold” Lyrics

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“Dead And Cold”

Wake up every day and it just feels repetitive
Think I need to chill, I think I need a sedative
I think depression’s hittin’ me
I think it’s finally setting in
Drifting to my feet and settling just like sediment

Constantly walking down this road called life blindly
Foolishly hoping for purpose to come and find me
In the depths of depressions is where I’ve been residing
That or in my room under my covers just hiding

Put me in the grave today
Black suit, red bouquet
Too scared to leave, but too tired to stay
Bullet in the chamber will stop all of the pain
Blood on the wall drips, just like red rain

Feel my soul seep out with each line from the blade
No one sings along to the songs that I have made
Deep in thought like Socrates
I am not your property
Treated like a mockery
Glad no one is stopping me
Not why you should idolize, this is my final goodbye
But if I ever hurt you, I truly apologize


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“Dead And Cold”

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