Dani Young – Outback Lullaby Lyrics

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Dani Young – Outback Lullaby Lyrics

Dani Young

I've got miles up ahead, with nothing but my thoughts
The radio's gone M.I.A
Sometimes there's just nothing like, a long drive to feel alright
Better than any therapy
The dusk comes creeping overhead
And the headlights dance among the red
The daylight's conceding, the moon is revealing
An endless ceiling above, like billion specks of dust
The stars light up the sky
An outback lullaby, lullaby
I'm settling the dust as the wheels roll to a stop
Silence weaves a melody
I'm here on my own, It's strange but I don't feel alone
Got a universe for company
And it's times like this I open up my ears
And I fall in love 50 thousand years
Where echos still roam, and footprints still linger
And stories I thought were a dream, they're right in front of me
As the land begins to sigh
An outback lullaby, lullaby
What if all the world could see me now  soaking up the last of the heat, lying on the ground
I'll always remember this, when the city smoke gets back in my eyes
The moment I lost myself to the night sky
An outback lullaby, lullaby
Lullaby, lullaby

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