Cryptic One – Apocolypse Zone (feat. Aesop Rock) Lyrics

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Cryptic One – Apocolypse Zone (feat. Aesop Rock) Lyrics

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Cryptic One

Well I was the crooked spoke upon 3rd wheel
Then I doom fucked divinity
The first time
Now I'm cursed allergic to the flashback imagery
Stuck the key in what I thought would stitch the wounds of man
Still the big fish ate the little fish
Guess which one I am
Well I took a stone from the garden of pardon me who are you
Carved it to sharp
And then parked it inside a heart of shark skin
Argonaut marksmen
Marched in amber waves
Of DDT brain marinations
Pleasant peasant
Pumping life into the legends
I been around the globe in 5 lacking a compass
One version of Christ when a slicker process
Hostile to the object botches
Seen fasting for 40 days straight
Dream tight
Because for 40 nights I been licking the plate clean
Man I don't wanna be a shepherd
I think too many sheep in the flock
But someones gotta learn to herd em through the gates and keep it locked
Bury the pride of riders lurks beneath the rocks from whence they came
Buckle up for commencement of the disbelief suspension game
Yeah all gold
Honor thy brother shoveling coal
And hovering others sputtering to suffering souls
I know you know I know your plan is dwindling
Wigging with every breath
Still you drag me through the center of this mess
Let the fluid seep deep to this tremendous mind crevice
A trip to end this endless pseudo flowing rhyme fetish
Perhaps soon buffoons will rediscover the love
But for now sit and worship the grounds that we hover above
The rhymes walk across hot coals in blissful silence
Under the weight, the earth shakes, they all turn to diamonds
Swallow the Atoms Appleseed whole
Let it get embedded in your soul
Infested poetic epidemic control
Im bombing your brain
Unconstrained Andromeda Strain
The intention to spiral through sections
As viral infections
Upon close inspection
Of poetic particles new and unique
You’ll see the start of a new sideshow carnival freak
Complete with circus tent
Delete attempts to circumvent
The perfect verbage meant to drench you cowards
With a true sense of power
Compelled to speak of Shell Beach memories
Essential centuries of imaginary imagery
Injected simply
For sole control of human souls and symphonies
Belittle the little we own
Contorted distorted ridiculous clones
Robotic sonic monotony broken by the tone
Atomic Aesop Rock conglomerate hip hop apocalypse zone
Whats the deal Atoms Fam
Whats the deal Cann O
Whats the deal Def Jux
How you feel Stronghold
Whats the deal Weightless
Whassup with Hip Hop?
Whats the deal Embedded
Whats up with Headbop
Whats the deal J23
Whassup Sonic Sum
Whats the deal Aes Rock
Big peace from Cryptic One
Whats the deal Blockhead
Whats the deal big paWL
Whats the deal Hangar and Jest
And yo Im out yall
Its like that
Aes Rizzle
And C-Diddy
Signing off

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