“Coochie Scout” Lyrics

“Coochie Scout” Lyrics

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“Coochie Scout”

(Enrgy man why you do that man?)
Hold on

I like this beat this a groovy bag
I heard corona hitting hard I need a Gucci mask
Cajun style seafood boil like a juicy crab
Bro just got an AirBnB with a jacuzzi pad
Hold on
I ain’t sending my location got the groupies mad
I told her come through this bitch pulled up with a move-in bag (the fuck?)
I know a boxer who let you swipe you try and punch a bag
Bitch pulled up with soy sauce like where the sushi at?
I’m looking for a pretty cat like where the coochie at?
Hold on
I just made 100 plays at the Krusty Krab (I did)
I know a bitch stank so bad she take a musty bath (Ugh)
I told her booty came fake I had to touch the ass
Hit her in the right spot got her busting fast
Tell the rap game I’m on my way and I’m coming fast
They ain’t let me in the door I had to bust the glass
She been a freak since high school, she let me fuck in class
Hold on
Bring the coochie here
I never eat the cat she got coochie hair
I know a nigga eat the cat, he got a coochie beard
I know she wanna fuck first night she got a coochie stare
You won’t see me in the club if it ain’t coochie there
She lick the ice cream off my face, they think Gucci there
Young flyest nigga in the party they think Lucci here
I can make a bitch do some shit
They think Boosie here
Hold on

Man, Enrgy you always doing something man, why you do that man? Enrgy man you did it again, damn


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“Coochie Scout”

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