“Chosen 1” Lyrics

“Chosen 1” Lyrics

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“Chosen 1”


You broke that bond, now when it come to you, my feelings weak
You let your selfish ways come in between our chemistry
Why you play with my heart and not show love consistently?
I put my life on the line, you wouldn’t take that risk for me
Fucked up my choice, wish I could delete all our memories
Keep poppin’ these pills, I hope it take away my misery
I got a dead soul, I been facing blunts of my enemies
Emotions bottled up, I don’t know what’s wrong and it’s killing me
I cut so many off, my heart cold, it’s December, B
My mind keep racing, I been overthinking, I don’t get no sleep
You don’t understand how hard it was, I swear this shit so deep
I made it to the top and they all looked up in disbelief
They hate that I’m doin’ better, they’d much rather get rid of me
I flex with no regrets ’cause they ain’t show me no sympathy
I came a long way but I ain’t as far as I’m finna be
I promise I’ma die a legend, I’ma make sure that you remember me
I used to daydream, I pictured everything so vividly
I had a feeling we’d be rich since the elementary
My peoples gone, got to witness everything they ain’t get to see
Long live Maxine, I miss your love, wish you was here with me
You was a part of me, and since you left, I’m incomplete
My lifestyle used to be jump shots and sticking D
Life overwhelmed me, I said fuck school and hit the streets
I devoted my life to that corner just so I can get a G
Fuck a two-four, nigga, I ain’t been home and it’s been a week
We used to break down eight-balls, wishing we could get a key
Was tryna duck that indictment, the feds did a sweep
I hope you grippin’ on your gun when them drillers creep
Lil’ nigga grabbed his first glizzy, went on a killing spree
Caught him at that red light snoozin’, he thought this shit was sweet
If he come from that other side, we make him rest in peace
I’m way too solid for the gimmicks, fuck the industry


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“Chosen 1”

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