“Carrollton” Lyrics

“Carrollton” Lyrics

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SuicideboyS Lyrics


Play me some of that $uicide pimpin’ man

You motherfuckers pitiful, I’m too sick of you
I’m a walking visual, you boys refillable
Once you cross me, hoe
Now you a motherfucking stain to Lil Cut Throat (pow!)
Let the gun bang
Nuts hang, drug game ain’t the same
“Savage” tatted on my face
Grey ape
Blazin’ while we hotbox
Fuck a badge, fuck a cop even if the K hot
Watch me bust on any block
Northside knotty
Scope on the shotty
Semi blow ya’ body
Tony gripping on the Tommy, bitch
I bite the head off a bat like I’m Ozzy
You got a problem motherfucker? Come and try me
I’m nothing like what you punk boys wanna embody
Norf, Norf, East Side *59
Tony gripping Tommy
Fuck around end up with your body, autopsy
I be that walking zombie, bath salts
Eating bodies
Three choppas and a shotty shooting everybody
Cigarette wet
Bumping Boosie Badazz
On them drugs, jiggin’
Jaws locked-clinching
Trigger finger itching if you think I’m kidding
Smoke leaking from the sticky that we smoking, boy
Fuck a Backwood, Swisher’s what I use, boy
Smoke what I choose, do what I wanna do
Motherfuck you and (Ruby) your punk friends too

(Ruby) blunt lit lungs itch, bitch, I like the sting
Smoking potent thinking I’m the chosen one, bitch, I’m a king
I can hear my dead homies sing
Now my eyes always hurtin’, wiping tears with diamond rings, yeah, aye
Hol’ up fuckboy, who the fuck said we cool?
Man, I quit smoking with hypebeasts back in 2002
What it do?
Motherfucker I’ma fool
Ruby Da Cherry is ghouling with goblins
If you got a problem, then you better move
From the womb to the tomb
Busting out early, busting out soon
Black out the city, I’m back on them 30s
In ’bout 20 minutes we’ll be on the moon, uh
Drugs got me fucked up, sluts got me drugged up, fuck
Slap my face against a pill to crush it up
Government ID helps me get high
Seeing stars in the mirror like I’m looking with a bright beam
Lime green paint but the rims looking Spike Lee
Mighty sloppy might be cocky
Am I in the right scene?
Highly unlikey, and I’m willing to fucking bet
Leave a pussy wet then I leave a pussy wet
I’m a fucking vet
I’m a motherfucking threat
G*59 the set
G*59 will make you sweat
“I don’t give a fuck” is my fucking epithet
Lace up my Nike Decades, meet me at Heaven’s Gates
7th Ward by the lake ’till my death

“You’ll come off of your drunken stupor from Bourbon Street, Saturday night,
Get up in time to go to mass on Sunday morning and you tell God you’re sorry for your drunkenness, only to go back out tonight and get wasted again!”


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