C0dak – Hookup Culture Lyrics

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C0dak – Hookup Culture Lyrics


Once upon a time, there lied a man
Who ignored the rules of love, he broke the spirits from above
Numbness of pain, embracing true lust
He swayed them inside, then banned them for good
Within his bubble, he did what he could
He wasn’t humble, but he got the wood
He won’t bow down, you’re just his tool
He’ll steal your heart ‘cause he knows you’re just a fool
He will not hold you when you’re feeling down
Love is a mystery that can’t be found
Lust makes the world go round and round
No room for feelings, they’re all outbound
"G" is the devil that has cursed this town
So limited, you can’t understand it
Fucking is the new trend to this day
He is the one that can’t be tamed
He's got no personality
Fucking hit it, quit it, dress up n’ leave
Make yourself more useful
He has no soul

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