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Bshortt – Product Of Grace Lyrics

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Bshortt – Product Of Grace Lyrics

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Man the other day I was talking to a guy
And I asked him how he was doin'
He looked at me and said
Brannon I'm doing better than I deserve
Which really got me thinking about
Those moments in my life
That if anything would have went different
Then everything would have been
Yeah man just a product of grace
Homeboy I'm just a product of grace
He walked in ready to go
And he was wearin' a red shirt that said echo
My boy was yellin' and screamin' throughout the buildin'
My heart started racin' I'll never forget the feelin'
And I thought he was a villain
I thought that he wut'n chillin'
So I hid behind that counter kneelin'
And what if he starts swingin'
And what if stuff start fling'n
And what If I'm still kneelin' behind this counter bruh
Nah Man I got right up
As I heard the cashier call 9-1-1
And I ran straight to the back
And I went right through the door
And I went up to the desk
Into the second drawer
Because I knew what was there
Knew it was loaded
My heartbeat like a snare with my adrenaline bloated
And I grabbed that gun because I knew I could tote it
And I ran back to the front with my common sense eroded (Eroded)
Back to the front and I looked outside
And I saw he and my guy standin' eye to eye
Time stood still
Gun in my pocket
The situation diffused and I didn't even cock it
But I was 12 years old
12 Years old
This close to my front door being made of poles
I mean a slip of finger would have been my final frontier
And Idda never ever ever been here (Yeah)
Fast forward down the road two years later
Everybody baggy jeans etnies and skaters
Long before Tswift made mills on haters
And I'm sittin' in the back with procrastinators
Every hoop dream went through the Florida Gators
My goal was popularity with no agitator
And I'm learnin' how to cuss and fight
Cuz' I'm a grade-A top line imitator
So I grab on whatever is near
I took 14 suspensions the next 3 years
I mean anything to get the praise acclaim of my peers
But truth be told I'm masking up my fears
Fears of approval
Little Real Connection
Lack of Direction
And I was fakin' and front'n
And I gave up on perfection
And I deny reality so I could live in my reflection
But that mirror goes on and on
A year later flipped the switch turned on my charm
I said
Don't ring the alarm
You don't mean no harm
Just trynna' get that fine dime chick on ya' arm
And for high school we was like a poster
Athlete and cheerleader had that image on lock like we was post to
But that's almost all that mattered to me
A preconceived notion of what I's supposed to be
Ron Burgundy said it best
That escalated quickly
Too young to be in love
My chin wasn't even prickly
But one night I leaned in to kiss her
Made my way a little closer just so she could hear me whisper
How bout' one more step
Knowing full well it'll be something we regret
And I could've never prepared for what happened next
As my cold sweat heart was beatin' out my chest
And as the word no
Rang through both my ears
All the sudden things seemed to be much more clear
It felt like my brain and my heart exploded
Every emotion I had ever felt was seemingly unloaded but I
Played it cool, Costume
Swept it under, Push Broom
Switchin' gears, Vroom Vroom
Mind computing, Newsroom
Be right back no doom no gloom
Just gotta go to the restroom
But I was lyin' and I walked right passed it
Hallway out the front door
Underneath the light
Moonwalkin' grass tips
I can still see it the night was littered with stars
And my last four years had been littered with scars
So I'de look up at the beauty and I'de peer within
I was the only one who really knew where I had been
Trynna' find a button that said start again
I dribble out cross em' over call me Iverson
But that's
What I always do
Flex pull tug the straps of my own boot
Inside heart hurtin' outside real cute
All my effort stack up was still minute so I cried out
Can you hear me
Can you really love someone like me
Someone who says this and looks at that
Someone whose tip toe'n the line between been there done that
Don't know who I am
And I don't know who I could be
Don't know if you can
And I don't know who I should be
But if you're really grace in the midst of sin
And that means mercy every morning means it never ends
Then will you take me
Break me
Shake me
And Remake me
With the sword of your love that proves you'll never forsake me
That you'de never leave and never let me go
That my sin-colored heart could be white as snow
And that weight lifted off me without a trace
I took the first deep breath of my last four years
Grace and Peace squeezed me embrace
As I was fighting back the tears
And I can still see it
The night was littered with stars
And my hearts still got some of those scars
But I remember the night that I finally saw your face
And my identity now's just a
Product of Grace

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