Boywisely – The Blood Seed Lyrics

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Boywisely – The Blood Seed Lyrics


Mens sana in corpore sano
Gimme da fuckin band, gimme the fuckin stand, gimme da fucking mic, gimme the fucking stage, give me the fucking plan Stan
Give the fucking name, give me the fucking shame, all you fuckers sound the same, ducking in the blame game,
Game is deadly, treachery pretending to befriending
Perpetuate propriety’s pretentious never-endings
Thine own self be true, but its muddy,
The hate u gave little infants fucks everybody
Wolf deep in the sheep skin, sinking its teeth in, mobs in sleeping, little lamb bleating
Whisper seeping, midnight creeping, sacrificial suicide with sacrilegious greeting
They’ll give you whats yours and let pedofiles slide behind closed doors
Yet whores, get thrown in jail, waiting for the pimp to provide 'em with bail
The monopoly of what you fucking call an economy is a comedy when what you fucking say is the lottery is the only fucking chance to advance from the bottom up
Trickle down theory neglects how Greed corrupts
Wake up smell the poohah, soldiers yelling hu-rah, hand in thy pocket while their singing hallelujah
The dichotomy from looking at the rich and the poverty, an atrocity, blandishing the slums of animosity
A thin line, between stupidity and bravery, legislation, regulation, modern-day slavery
Can’t speak for the streets whilst living in a mansion nor understand the billion-dollar-man without asking
Anywhere against your will is a prison, hard heads, soft minds don’t know how to fucking listen
Can’t hold on, I’m letting go
Not giving up, just giving in
All I wanted was love to hope for
All I got was evil sin
When I took my own life
(Guess I'll see ya, never wanna be ya)
Blood dried on the corner bedside
(Just leave it, never gonna clean it)
Leave me, my body is mine
From depth of hell to heaven’s heights
Devils tempt whilst gods delights
In amongst the starry nights
To feed our children beds with frights
Self-righteous judge entitled rights
The moon that shone upon was bright
Reflected from the morning light is jaded, spoon-fed wisdom
Dangerous thoughts got caught in the memory of the blood seed whom fought
Now they’re tellin me "tell ‘em what they want, tell ‘em its enough" aint for the faint ‘o heart
Ya you gotta be tuff cause life’s rough
Guns blasting, everlasting, violent acts and lack of action, using tactic distractions
To generate reaction, our society’s anxiety quantifying fraction
But you’re gonna get blocked, cause the mother fucking government is scared of revolt
Add insult to injury, the busyness of misery, a murder so fowl theres no repeating history
Take me alive? well I guess they’ll have to kill me,
Feel me?
They cannot conceal me
Underground gorillas, tell me now can ya hear me? Generation XYZ do you fear thee?
Truth is
They cannot control me, I was their employee, I learned how to play the game, now no-one can own me
Everything they’ve shown me represents fear, they talk about love yet will not hear the
Orphans cry abortions, the complicated notion, designed to confused just so that they pass their motion
For why do you think most pop sing young?
Cause the masters of the old found control in dumb
But technology is smarter
We’re getting even farther
They’re finding it harder regulating our charter
But the genetics of the alphabet
Can bring aesthetics for the common threat
Propaganda grows deeper when ya let it
A little bit pathetic
Lies to contrive the conniving empathetic
Maybe suicide is better
Maybe I am better off
Maybe you will only miss me when you realise I have gone
When I took my own life
(Guess I'll see ya, never wanna be ya)
Blood dried on the corner bedside
(Just leave it, never gonna clean it)
Leave me, my body is mine
Self deny your self esteem
Angels guard but devils breed
The need of want, the want for need
Upon thy friend attempt to read how make believe and play pretend
Amongst the road that curves and bends
Just to find that you were then on the path most taken
In our heart 'o hearts
In our heart 'o hearts
In our heart of hearts
In our heart of hearts we can find our God
Problem from the start when we're taught by frauds
Everybody wants what they can’t have
Afraid of the future when you’re stuck in the past
The structure for peace must come at a cost
But freedom of speech must never get lost
Gotta figure out how’ da be da boss
Listen to the burden of the bearing of the cross
Go ahead, let it be, it’s aright
Mandella found peace in his struggle for fight
Its past due time now, looking to evolve
Resist temptation in the problem unsolved
Every time you lie, you’re lying to yourself
Everybody dies not bringing their wealth
The neighbour your hating ain’t hating on you
They’re hating themselves but channeling through
Ingenious thoughts which haunt our time
Have broken our hearts and baffled our minds
Hard to separate the man from crime
Even fucking harder when the actions are mine
Gotta remember the devil needs due
If you think Mephistopheles can’t influence you
You're living in the Neverland you built upon a lie
Gaining your knowledge from the television guide
You gotta stay humble, gotta stay kind,
Gotta pay attention to the meaning of my rhyme
You gotta stay true and can’t be a snob cause
We’re not all built for the same damn job
So lead with with reason, truth and love
For the heat of the moment, its never enough
Gotta forgive the ones whom shoved
At least by me, boywisely’s thug
Held my head with hands of red
The doctor says its time to go
Shades of pain this hate is torture, blood seed of thy father’s home
When I took my own life
(Guess I'll see ya, never wanna be ya)
Blood dried on the corner bedside
(Just leave it, never gonna clean it)
Leave me, my body is mine
Do you practice what you preach?
Do your feet outrun your speech?
For those who can’t will learn to teach
Ideals are real but out of reach
Indulgent thoughts may not be true
The selfish dreams may yet subdue
The thoughts you think you thought you knew
When parents place their view on you to do as I say, not as I do

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