“Blue Dream” Lyrics

“Blue Dream” Lyrics

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Jhené Aiko Lyrics

“Blue Dream”

We were coastin’ on the coast when you opened my eyes
Made me notice where the ocean was holding the sky, right
I was blinded, your smile shining behind those green eyes
The horizon so enticing, please, say you’ll be mine

Don’t wake me up cause I’m in love with all that you are
You make me see the truth in things, I think that you are
The remedy for everything it seems that you are
The truth itself ’cause nothing else can take me so far

My afternoon dream when
The world is speedin’
I am still sleepin’
In my blue dream and
I know the meaning
For all the seasons
You are the reason,
My love

My mind is open
So wide since you came inside
I feel so alive
Without you life just passes by, passes by, passes by


[Bridge 2x:]
My afternoon dream when
The world is sleeping
I am still thinking
Of my blue dream
It’s bliss…




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“Blue Dream”

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