B Jet – Chillin’ With the Homies Lyrics

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B Jet – Chillin’ With the Homies Lyrics

B Jet

I been studying
Can you turn my headphones up for me please
I really have bruh, I been out here studying
I just been chilling with the homies, needed time away in isolation
Focus on these plans I'm making
Looking out the window riding down Washington
Kinda got a headache but I took all of my Vicodin
I'm flying in that Nissan and I'm dreaming bout that Range Rove
All black interior, wet the seats in the rear because
I dragged that fucking pussy, but that's a story for another day
Smoking sour diesel make me wanna fade away into the glory days
When we ain't have no fuckin problems, wasn't beefin' bout no hoes, shit you want her I'ma lob her
(We) Had a dream that Glock 40 shot some lava in my chest
And I stared at the sky til my heart came to a rest
I ain't afraid to die, content w. My spiritual relationship
Been having the same vision, and I don't know what to make of it.
I hate that I bite my tongue, cuz sometimes I need to say some shit
To set you niggas straight, but it's cool, I know you just some bitches
Grinding nonstop to give my mom some riches
We weren't in rags but there were days when I had to dig in
The dirty clothes, just so I could have some shit to wear
Niggas always complaining, but the struggle made a nigga different
A different vision, different grind set the boy apart
Niggas asking what the secret is, told 'em I'm all heart
My MomMom died, my PopPop died, my little sister too
I been hurting all my life, but I'll smile for that revenue
Been a dream to have my niggas parlay in the VIP
We on them all black bottles, that's something that you could never sip.
Thinking back on niggas that tried to get me down
Cuz I'm the next one up and they just love the way I sound
I'm Barry Bonds at the plate, this tape ain't nun but hits
And these niggas they just swing and they miss
Who else predicted this shit
You bob yo head but you don't f*ck with this shit
Tell another lie, I'm beating yo shit
In reality, there's not a lot of rappers who can rap with me
Collaborate up on your song, you say its a feature, I say fatality
I'm not being cocky, I just know how hard I grind
When I wrote my 1st rap, knew I was ahead of my time
I ain't lying. When I rhyme, all eyes on me
No Tupac, but he helped me to be, the nigga killing these beats
In all honesty who fucking with me if it ain't D or JP
No competition for me, pussy
Hey, we taking over nigga
Yall already know who we be, Its B Jet
I appreciate you listening, I'm glad I have your attention
Have a good rest of your night, I'm out

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