Andiroo – It’s Whatever Lyrics

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Andiroo – It’s Whatever Lyrics


You ever had a girl who's just indecisive
And like no matter what you do
You just can't make them happy
Well that's what this is about
Especially when she says It's Whatever

It's a lit Saturday night
I wanna do something for my girl, everything's alright
But one thing that pisses me off is
When I'm doin everything right, but she's indecisive
I'm thinking it would be nice if I got her dinner
Maybe red wine, Olive Garden should be a winner
So I ask her if it sounds like a plan
But she's just not in the mood, let's try again
I guess I'm gonna ask her
What do you want
She says 
I think I'm in the mood for something hot
I gotta break it to her I'm like 
That's what everything is
She's like 
Let's go to my favorite place, you know this
So let's be honest, none of us like it, you know
It's bad enough that we have to put up with your shit, like
I'm on my period, I have cramps
Always whining and complaining, it just never ends

So let's take, a closer look
I really don't wanna have another time where you are shook
I'm sitting here, showing you the utmost respect
And even when I try to help, you just want another check
So where at home, we decide to watch Netflix
She's telling me she doesn't wanna watch something with chicks
Does she really think I'm gonna get turned on by them or something
There's a million girls out here who are better looking
So I tell her 
Do not worry, you are hotter than them
She looks at me and says 
No you're just telling me that
I swear to god, I only see them as a friend
And then she goes off about how she thinks she's way too fat

I want her her to realize that
She's way too beautiful to act how she acts
So please girl, don't complain to me
Or else I'll have to break up and be free
Begging you to stop is tiring
It's causing my brain to have to do some re-wiring
I wanna make this relationship work but it's hard
Especially when you buy stuff with my card
Whether it's fighting over dinner or a movie
It always ends up in my arguments consistently losing
I can't deal with it anymore
I really don't wanna make a scene in the grocery store
She's like
I think we should not buy all of this junk food
It's putting a dent in our bank accounts too
On top of that it is really unhealthy
I read it online, we should try something new
I say 
Girl, I love you but I don't give two fucks
How you say that? Your diet is Starbucks
Andrew I swear I haven't had it in forever
Then she proceeds to say 
It's whatever

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