A.T.M. – McGregor Lyrics

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A.T.M. – McGregor Lyrics

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Aye we got ATM and Whynaut on the track again
Yessir, yerr bitch

Even when I lose it's a W like McGregor
I don't give a f*ck about the price of gas I'm in a tesla
Wear the Goose in the summer I don't care bitch I'm a flexer
I'ma put you on the ropes and I ain't even a wrestler
In the booth cookin' up bitch I feel like chef Ramsay
I ain't no angel got no halo but still pull up in a banshee
She said I'm too nasty, I said she too fancy
Life's a beach and I stay swimming while you hoes just get sandy aye
No motherfucking hook on the track
One take that's facts 
You should know that I ain't running shit back that's wack 
Keep it a hunnit so I'm blue like tack
AC on 'cause I'm cool like that it's so sad
That y'all been sleepin' on me takin naps
All this love I ain't stupid I know you fakin' that
Call me Robbie Williams 'cause I ain't takin' that
Really ain't much that I won't do to make this paper stack
Ain't no debatin' that
I don't care what game you playing at
I stay focused stay grounded keepin' score countin' and you know I'm not just saying that
Aye, this shit is greater than rap
The mainstream I don't cater to that
I'll give a hater a dap
It ain't his fault that he cant tell that I snap
On every single fuckin' verse so where your anuses at
I'm tryna f*ck I'm tryna nut
I'm tryna let you all know what the f*ck is up
See this is really all skill and just a little luck
It only really takes practice to run it up
I'm not even bothered by y'all sewing sin
A tugboat up shit's creek is what you're rowing in
I'm like Rich Homie promise I won't stop going in
You can't walk what I'm tiptoeing in well f*ck with me

You can't walk what I'm tiptoeing in lil' bitch

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