7empt – Tell Me What to Do Lyrics

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7empt – Tell Me What to Do Lyrics


Tell me what to do, tell me what to do
Tell me what to do, tell me what to do

Out with the dogs, skirting Dangerous like the hogs, lost Without jobs, nothin to do but Ignore the law
Tell me what to do 
Chasing nothin tell me what's the Use 
I'm screaming at the sky but not the Truth 
I've been running out of hope, losing My youth 
I look up for you, but we have no Connection like bluetooth
Tell me what to do
Hows it true, howd you make this Life a whole representation of you?
Battling demons that were once Beside you 
I was frozen but I had a Breakthrough 
And I thought it would be to you 
But I had to do it on my own, so Thank you 
Now I'm so confused, so induced 
I refuse my fate, I change my ways 
I want my momma to have better Days 
I want my daddy's pain to go away 
Everyday gonna feel like labor day 
They take it out on me but atleast They got a way 
Never ever asked for change because It'll change 
Santa claus couldnt deliver joy these Days 
Everybody believes there saints these Days 
Everybody wants to be saved these Days
So they sin and get on there knees Nowadays 
Until it goes away, and they say
Tell me what to do 
I've been goin too long without the Truth 
I'm livin day to day and still dont Know what to do
Whatd they do to this planet, it got Me goin manic 
Anxious cannot can it 
Sad thing is we didnt plan this 

Just look were all mad here
Different people every year 
New year, new you, boy isnt it true
I'm confused your confused 
It's just how we all do
Lemme set the fire, get rid of the fuse
Flame too big better use your juice
I got the sauce so I'm better with no Use
Lifes a game it just depends on who you choose
See the message, see the clues
Your life is yours dont be overused 

Tell me what to do
I'm broken reaching out to you
My final call, but the line is blocked To you 
And I've been trying all this time 
I wait and wait in line 
17 years have I served my time
I dont wanna know I've been so blind 
This life I live doesnt feel like mine 
So tell me what to do before I lose my mind 
Oh no I cant decide

Stop this, cant you see it's all you
This life isnt for me, it's all for you 
Get out of your head make your own Moves 
Adam ate the apple, he wanted to Choose
Snakes in your head but that's what Snakes do
You know what to do, It's just up to You
So make up your mind it's time to Move 

Tell me what to do, tell me what to do

Tell me what to do, tell me what to do

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