Ronnakorn – Looters and Riots Lyrics

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Ronnakorn – Looters and Riots Lyrics

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Running in the streets yelling "f*ck the police!"
Killed another black man so now they gonna fight for peace
Loot, shoot, execute, this is what it constitutes
Riots full of violence bringing biased mindset of the nihilists

Preaching that I can't breathe
For George Floyd
Run the city called "Chaz"
Now they killed a boy
Robbing stores with ski-masks
That they destroyed
Killing off authorities
Rip George Floyd

F*ck all this irrelevance and f*ck all white supremacists
F*ck all of the pigs bullying every single citizens
Black, white, yellow brown doesn't even matter now
Bring in all the bloodhound and military from the pound

Welcome to wave one of world war three
Creating enemies between you and me
Separation in the nation of society
Flying fake news to confuse us silently

Drop another body
Concrete looking bloody
Situation in "CHOP" begins to look really ugly
Running wit a tommy
Playing wit a shotty
Finna get you shot don't be acting like it's so funny
This shit ain't funny
Killing another kiddo
Taking over a city acting like you're a hero

Burning down the business
Acting so vicious
Really think about the people who own for it a minute
Tryna make a livin'
But ya'll still be stealin'
Turning everybody and yourself into a villain

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